Synthetic Aperture Radar

Overview: Synthetic Aperture Radar CoP

There has been a massive international investment into Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) with large amounts of data which traditionally have been difficult to obtain and very expensive now becoming more freely available and accessible to the South African Earth observations community through SAR missions such as ENVISAT and Sentinel-1. The all weather and coherent sensing capability of SAR has made it a very attractive remote sensing technology and the objective of this CoP is to facilitate the use of, and increase visibility of SAR for different thematic areas within the South African context. These thematic areas include:

  • Maritime and marine applications
  • Agriculture
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Forestry
Community contributions and activities
  • Facilitate and increase visibility of the utility of SAR data within the broader earth observation community
  • Engage with local as well as international SAR data provisioning agencies
  • Coordination and discussion on best practices for the use of SAR data within thematic areas
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