Overview: Radiometry CoP

The use of instruments that quantitatively measures the intensity of electromagnetic radiation and to detect, measure, and analyse the spectral content of the incident electromagnetic radiation is fundamental for sustainability of EO.

Community contributions and activities
  • Facilitation of education in the fundamentals of radiometry and radiometric measurement instrumentation;
  • Establishment of good practice for use, care and calibration of optical radiometers and reflectance standards both in the laboratory and in the field;
  • Maintenance of a national inventory of radiometry-related expertise, instrumentation and facilities;
  • Lobbying of support for the establishment of national capabilities for traceable radiometric calibration and instrument/artefact inter-comparison; and
  • Providing a supportive platform for more extensive and more continuous SA involvement in CEOS/WGCV (Working Group for Calibration and Validation) and the QA4EO initiative as well as GSICS.


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