Coastal and marine

Overview: Coastal and marine CoP

Earth observations play a crucial role in improving the management and protection of aquatic, coastal and marine ecosystems.

Community contributions and activities
  • Involvement in the Coastal Zone Community of Practice of GEO
  • Reports: Workshop on LiDAR for Coastal Environments
  • Integrating new and existing cross-sectoral applications such as:
    • Defence/Security Applications: vessel monitoring for illegal fishing and piracy; operational and strategic decision support; forecasts and analyses for vessel routing and risk management; marine rapid environmental assessment; search and rescue.
    • Maritime Applications: oil spill detection and support; decision support in hindcast, forecast and disaster response; search and rescue; ocean forecasting; risk and danger zone mapping; offshore operations support; vessel routing.
    • Environmental Management: monitoring of marine-protected areas and pollution indicators such as increased primary production; long-term monitoring of environmental quality; detecting ecosystem shifts; documenting and tracking coastal and estuarine land use; detection and tracking of harmful algal bloom events; biodiversity monitoring support.
    • Fisheries and Aquaculture Development and Management: enhanced compliance tools for illegal fishing; Potential Fishing Zone applications; siting, support and risk management for aquaculture; enhanced long-term stock management; capability to implement ecosystem approach to fisheries.


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