Earth observation infrastructure

Overview: Earth observation infrastructure CoP

Earth observation is the gathering of information about the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems via remote sensing technologies including satellite sensors and airborne sensors, as well as in situ data collection systems such as weather station networks. Not only do Earth observations encompass the collection, analysis and presentation of data, but also involve the integration, harmonisation, interoperability and dissemination of data, derived products and services and decision support systems.

Community contributions and activities
  • Facilitation of activities leading towards the operationalisation and institutionalisation of SAEOSS;
  • Joint activities on developing an operational data discovery and access system for Earth observations data;
  • Access to and involvement with the international Earth observation data and Earth observations infrastructure community;
  • Coordination and discussion on best practices and standards for Earth observations data sharing and access.
  • CSIR
  • South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON)
  • Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA)


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