SA-GEO Communities

What is a CoP?

A CoP is a user-led community of stakeholders, from providers to the final beneficiaries of Earth observation data and information, with a common interest in a specific  societal benefit area.

CoP participants identify, gather, and seek agreement on their particular user community requirements. The CoPs provide a forum for cooperation of activities to identify linkages and opportunities for collaborative strategic and technical projects. They also provide an informal point of contact for members or other jurisdictions on the specific benefit or interest area that affect more than one organisation.

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The core of SA-GEO is a vibrant set of active Communities of Practice (CoPs). The SA-GEO CoPs are built around the following societal benefit areas:

Earth observations applications and capabilities for sustainable agriculture and food, fodder, fuel and fibre security

Air quality
Integration of Earth observations data and systems for pollution monitoring and promoting a healthy environment

icon_marineCoastal and marine
Earth observations data and systems for sustainable utilisation and management of marine and coastal resources

icon_eoEarth observation infrastructure
Sustained operation, continuity and interoperability of EO systems for easy discovery and access to data

icon_eduEducation and awareness
Targeted Earth observations outreach activities and educational resources to build capacity

icon_landcoverLand cover
Earth observations-based land cover mapping and monitoring systems for development planning and sustainability

icon_legalLegal and policy
Consideration of legal aspects and policy implications of access to and sharing of Earth observations data

icon_marineNatural resources
Integration of Earth observations-based natural resources knowledge and monitoring systems for productivity

Research and knowledge sharing on radiometry for enhanced Earth observations

SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
Facilitating the use and increasing the visibility of synthetic aperture radar

Data and information products for decision-making on efficient management of water resources

Possible future CoPs include Health, Disasters, Climate and Weather, Built Environment, and Biodiversity and Ecology.