The Secretariat


The National Earth Observations and Space Secretariat (NEOSS) provides secretariat services for SA-GEO and its CoPs, and provides the conduit between the SA-GEO community, the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) and GEO/GEOSS.

NEOSS brings together Earth observations users, data providers, academia and industry players to participate in SA-GEO.


NEOSS will promote and facilitate a sustained, vibrant, collaborative and well-coordinated EO community in South Africa (SA-GEO) that:

  • Has open and affordable access to EO and other spatial data
  • Operationally uses EO and other spatial data in daily pursuits of mandates and for evidence based decision making
  • Collaborates on systems development  and ICT infrastructure establishment around EO
  • Has sufficient skills, capacity and competencies to exploit fully  the advantages of EO
  • Develops and uses cutting-edge technologies, models, systems, algorithms and applications for societal benefit.
  • Is actively involved in GEO/GEOSS, AfriGEOSS and other international EO related frameworks.


  • To be an effective and efficient secretariat service provider and co-ordination initiative to the EO community of South Africa (SA-GEO).